About Us

We are a trailblazing company in the dynamic and ever-evolving Tech industry. At MohrX Group, we believe in transforming ideas into impeccable solutions that not only captivate but also seamlessly integrate into the digital landscape.

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Our Mission

At MohrX Group, our mission is to redefine the possibilities of artificial intelligence, ensuring that advanced technologies are accessible to everyone. We are committed to building systems that think, learn, and adapt—transforming not just businesses but society as a whole. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, we aim to contribute significantly to technological progress and foster a positive impact on our community.

Our Team

Welcome to the team! We are a group of passionate individuals working together to achieve out goals. Get to know the faces behind our success.

Hilal Vera Mohr Picture

Hilal Vera Mohr

Our founder, Hilal Vera Mohr, envisioned a smarter, more efficient way to manage processes. With a passion for innovation and technology, she laid the foundation for our cutting-edge software solutions.

Huzeyfe Birkan Aksüt Profile

Huzeyfe Birkan Aksüt

Huzeyfe Birkan Aksüt, our CEO leads with a strategic vision and unwavering dedication to excellence. He steers the company towards growth and success, ensuring our solutions meet the highest standards.

Habib Tekdemir Profile

Habib Tekdemir

Our CTO, Habib Tekdemir, is the technological mind behind our advanced platforms. His expertise in integrating complex systems drives the innovation that sets us apart.

İsmail Güneş Profile

İsmail Güneş

İsmail Güneş, our CMO, brings a wealth of marketing experience and a keen understanding of market dynamics. He crafts compelling strategies that amplify our brand and connect us with our audience.

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